Belgrove Junction frontal kollision

1: Signalpassage 2: Dårligt signal-layout - opstilling

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British Railways Scottish Region

„[the passenger] boarded her train at Duke Street Station, where she took a seat on the right hand side in the front portion of the leading coach. She said that she used the route fairly regularly and on this occasion she considered the train to be running at least 2 minutes late and as she was anxious about the time she had available to conduct business during the lunch period she rose from her seat, bent down and checked the state of the signal before the train moved; she observed the signal aspect change from red to orange and then green and the train moved off shortly after. She recalled that as the train was about to emerge from the tunnel its speed was reduced. Next she saw a train hut a short distance away coming straight towards the one she was on. She said that she saw the driver of the other train leap out of his seat and move to his left. Someone then shouted „duck“ and [the passenger] put her head down just before the collision, which she considered to he inevitable, occurred.“

The report into the Bellgrove Junction collision in Glasgow in 1989, caused by a 'ding ding and away' SPAD