Bay Horse kollison 24. oktober 1861

„[The driver] also stated, that the fireman said „the station signal is on“, just after he had whistled for the level crossing; and he answered „Yes, I see it“ and he knocked off the steam, told the fireman to hold on the break, and then he whistled for guard's breaks. He thinks he was about 150 or 200 yards beyond the bridge (575 or 625 yards from the point of collision) when he sounded the whistle for the breaks, and then he reversed his engine as soon after he whistled as he could. He says the engine was very unhandy and difficult to reverse when running, and he could not get the reversing lever over to within two of the notches, and he put the steam on the reverse way, and kept it on, as long as he stopped on the engine, but he jumped off before the collision actually occurred…“

The report into a collision at Bay Horse in 1861